Class Routines

  • Your child will be bringing his/her Agenda Book home every day. It is a communication link, so please sign it and help your child
    complete assigned homework.
  • Daily homework  includes completing Home Reading Program, practicing basic addition and subtraction facts, words of the week  
    and oral sharing of concepts learned in class on a given day.
  • ·Word Clues -  Your child will be assigned one day per week on which they must bring word clues for sharing. Please help your child write their clues in complete sentences with proper punctuation and spelling. This homework will be sent home beginning Friday, September 13th.
  • Learning Log  will be sent on Fridays- please read it and discuss it with your child; you may want to write back to them as well. Your child's writing is not    edited.  The focus of completing the Learning Log  is on content, so please do not focus on spelling errors, but rather ask additional questions to see how much your child has learned this week or to clarify their ideas.  Please send the Learning Log  to school on Monday.
  • Words of the Week (usually 5) will be listed in the Agenda Book for extra practice at home. They will be used during Daily 5 and writing activities throughout the week. The students are expected to be able to read and spell them.
  • Scholastic Orders - if you wish to order, please order on line or send your order to me  by the assigned date.
  • Birthdays- if you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday in the classroom and send a treat, please give some notice in the Agenda. Given that we have a number of severe allergies at school, I would recommend sending fruits or treats that are 100%  nut-free. For those of you who have a child with a food allergy/sensitivity, please send a bag of snacks for your child and I will keep them in the closet so your child can enjoy birthday snacks with the class on these special days. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.