Read to your child, read “together” and/or have your child read to you!

 Parents  are models for their children!  Let your child see you enjoying reading every day!


We respond to literature in a variety of ways. Please allow your child
to be creative. The ideas listed are ONLY a guide.

Strategies for Home Reading

  The most important component of our home reading program is to allow your child to experience and enjoy literature. The books that he/she takes home SHOULD be easy for him/her to read AND understand. Here are a few simple guidelines to keep in mind when you are reading with your child:

  1. Read for meaning. If your child has come to a difficult word and needs help, ask them about the strategies we use in class (covered word, sounding out, looking for smaller words within the bigger word, chunking the word) and/or say it for them.
  2. Read for pleasure. Enjoy this special time together with your child.
  3. Respond to the literature:

*       Have your child predict what they think the story will be about by looking at the title, the cover, the pictures (ask them to explain their thinking…)

*       Have your child re-tell the story in their own words (verbally or written)

*       Orally discuss a new ending to the story

·*       Ask why they think the author included certain information

*       Discuss whether they liked the story or not…and WHY? What made it an enjoyable story?

*       What would you have done differently if you  were the author?

*        Ask about the characters they liked or disliked and explain why

*       Write a sentence describing the characters or draw a picture of what the characters look like

*       Make a story map (including characters, problem, setting, events and solution)

*        Record the story on tape

*        Read the story over using expression  or take turns reading it

*        Ask if  the story is  fiction or non fiction and how they know it

*        Draw a picture of their favorite part  or character of the story

*       Ask what the story reminds them of

*      Create a new title for the story


       Praise your child for a job well done!