Word Clues

 Your child will be assigned one day per week on which they must bring word clues for sharing. Please help your child write their clues in complete sentences with proper punctuation and spelling. This homework will be sent home beginning Friday, September 14th. The students are expected to be able to read their riddles which may entail additional reading practice at home. 

Daily Reading and Math Practice

To further develop reading fluency and comprehension skills, the students are asked to read with an adult for at least 15 minutes each night. Each morning the students have an opportunity to pick a book, at their reading level, to take home and read with an adult.  They are expected to record this reading in their Home Reading Log.  Please send the book back to school every day. If your child has difficulty with reading or comprehending it, they would benefit from keeping the same book for another night and reading it again. Please refer to the Home Reading tab for more information.

  It is also important to practice addition and subtraction by playing different games we will be learning at school such as  “Addition and Subtraction Snap” as well as the game called “Cross the River”. The students can also play various math games that are linked to this website.